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William O. Simms

Retired Principal & School Board Member

I, William O. Simms, Retired Principal and School Board Member, would be remiss if I didn’t endorse Kelley for the position of School Board Member to represent the Salem District. I have known Kelley for approximately 30 years and found her to be an exceptional Educator and School Administrator, as well as a Community Volunteer. I, like Kelley, do not believe politics should play any part in education, especially when you answer to the party rather than to parents, students and community.

Kelley, having served at both Culpeper High School and Eastern View High School, knows many parents (both first and second generation parents), and she has a special relationship with her former parents and students. She, unlike her opponent, has not to my knowledge solicited support from any agencies. She stands on her reputation. It is your choice, as residents of the Salem District, to vote for someone who answers to the Republican Party and to a number of political figures, or to vote for Kelley who answers to parents, students and the community. Thank you for your time.


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