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Debbie Keller

Retired Teacher EVHS

Pearson is the Best Candidate for CCPS School Board

I was so happy when Kelley Pearson told me she was running for CCPS School

Board. I thought, “Great! Kelley really needs to be on that board. She knows and

understands education. Kelley is student-oriented, always was and always will be!”

I have known Kelley Pearson for 19 years. She was always student-focused, and

always supported and worked for and with the students, the parents, the teachers,

and the administrators. Education was her life – it wasn’t just a job to her. She

always wanted what was best for the health and well-being of the total school

environment. I worked with Kelley for 15 years and observed her interacting with

parents and students to ensure that all students received the same high-quality

education and opportunities to engage in activities of their choice. I learned so

much from her.

Good people of Salem District, in following both campaigns, I ask that you open

your eyes, open your minds, and think long and hard before you cast your vote.

Kelley Pearson, an experienced former educator and administrator who has run a

clean campaign and who always worked for you and your children is the best

choice for the school board.


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