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Pat Baker

CCPS School Board Chairman

I am endorsing Kelley Pearson to be the next elected member of the

Culpeper County School Board, representing the Salem District. I have

known Mrs. Pearson for a long time, and I know all she has done, and

continues to do, for Culpeper County Public Schools. Her many years, as

one of our high school administrators, speaks volumes about her

dedication, work ethic, concern, compassion, fairness, common sense,

and ability to problem solve; while avoiding any hyped-up chaos.

Kelley will provide stability for our school board, help to keep our focus

on student achievement, and leave political drama at the doorstep. A

vote for Kelley Pearson is a vote for the serious business of educating our

students, as well as resisting the disruptive hysteria which adversely

affects the ability of our board to govern. Please show your support and

vote for Kelley Pearson.


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