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Hello, Everyone!

Thank you for your interest in public education and for taking time to learn about me.


As the daughter of a Home Economics teacher and a federal law enforcement officer, the motto of my alma mater, Virginia Tech, resonates strongly with me and my family.

Ut Prosim … “That I May Serve.”

I have 27 years’ experience as an Assistant Principal here in Culpeper — 18 years at CCHS (1990-2008) and 9 years at EVHS (2008-2017).  During that time, I was fortunate to be able to support both Blue Devils and Cyclones, assist countless parents and families, collaborate with dedicated teachers and colleagues, and build safe, positive school cultures and climates with diverse administrative teams.

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Proven Leader, Problem Solver, & Consensus Builder

In reflecting on my years in education, I realize all situations focus on PEOPLE… our students, teachers, and staff.  They are the heartbeat of Culpeper County Public Schools, in partnership with our parents, guardians, and community members.


Many topics in public education today are complex, multifaceted, and nuanced. 
And each of these matters can be addressed from the personal viewpoint of an individual student, parent, teacher, staff member, or community member… as well as from the larger point of view of a single school… or from the broader view of the entire CCPS system.


As a school administrator, I always welcomed and solicited input from ALL people, with many different points of view.  I was fortunate to be surrounded by teams of knowledgeable colleagues.  Together, on a daily basis, we worked to assess needs, develop plans, create programs, and implement solutions we could ALL support for the success of our students and our school.  I will continue to do the same as your CCPS School Board representative from Salem.  Many heads are always better than one.  


Throughout my 27 years as an administrator at CCHS and EVHS, I am also proud to have served as a resource for our students and parents, our teachers and staff, and our community members.  I always responded to concerns and solved problems based on the specific situation, considering the needs and experiences of the people with whom I was interacting — balanced with the school procedures, CCPS guidelines, protocols and policies, and all legal mandates.  As your Salem District representative on the CCPS School Board, I will continue to remember that everyone views our schools through the lens of their previous experience with public education.

But most importantly… no matter the situations at school… I had the infinite good fortune to find the love of my life later in life.  My husband, Bill Pearson, and I had 25 wonderful years together, and our families became one.  Bill, the kids, and I enjoyed many years of dogs, horse racing, farming, gardening, and theatre. 


After retiring in 2017, I settled into working on our farm in Reva. Together, Bill and I cared for our dogs, a retired race horse, a dozen cattle, and several hens until Bill passed away 2 years ago.  Although I remained active volunteering with the school system after retirement, I took a step back to care for Bill during his illness and then to regroup after his loss. 


I am currently the sole owner-operator of our farm, and I remain closely connected with my adult step-children — Christopher Pearson and Carrie Pearson Siegfried (and their respective spouses) — as well as with my brother and his family (who have been Culpeper residents for the past 29 years).

While I had not envisioned running for School Board as part of my educational career, sometimes life has a way of altering your path.

I am seeking a seat on the CCPS School Board because my entire professional career and my volunteer activities have been devoted to the service of public education.  I am intrinsically motivated to help others, and I derive a great deal of satisfaction from serving and working with other people.  By supporting our students — and by contributing our time and energy to students — we ALL assist in the development and betterment of young people and future adults.  As a life-long educator, I believe these efforts are wise, continued investments in the future of our Culpeper community.


I am experienced and qualified – and my 27 years as a CCPS school administrator equip me with a unique skill set and allow me to be a strong advocate for ALL students, parents, and public education.


I would appreciate your vote on November 7th, and I look forward to serving as your Salem District representative on the CCPS School Board!


Thank you!

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