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Elizabeth Hutchins

CCPS School Board, Stevensburg District

Kelley Pearson Knows Culpeper

Currently, I am the longest serving member of the School Board. I am a native of Culpeper and was raised with OUR traditional hometown values and morals. I have never endorsed another candidate for ANY office but it has become apparent that I need to speak up. I am honored to endorse Kelley A. Pearson for School Board for the Salem District.

Kelley Pearson is an educator-- not a politician.

Kelley has integrity, common sense, and our hometown values. Kelley KNOWS Culpeper. She has worked here for decades. She’s earned the trust and respect of parents, students, and teachers. She has worked with thousands of our students many of whom are now local business people and parents themselves. Kelley has helped to build our school system that is attracting families from other counties. Her only agenda is to help children and to provide the best education we can for all students.

Kelley and her late husband, Bill, have long been pillars of our community. Similar smear tactics are being used against Kelley in her bid for School Board as were used against me. Talk to Kelley. Get the facts. Don’t listen to fear mongering. Kelley Pearson is the best qualified candidate to represent OUR Culpeper values working with ALL parents, students, and community members to educate our students.


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