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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

When my parents dropped me off at Virginia Tech for my Freshman year, my Dad remarked, “Remember, Kel… there’s more to school than just the books.”

And so… Here are some of my pursuits and passions in life — other than education, outside of school:

  • Family and Friends

  • Dogs, Horses, and Horse-racing

  • Farming

  • Wildlife and Nature Conservation

  • Theatre and Music

  • Food

  • Photography

  • Gardening

  • Travel

First, and foremost, the love of my family and friends continues to sustain me… across the years, through good times and bad. I would never be where I am in life today without the unconditional love of my family and the support of so many people.

I currently live in Reva, with the dogs, a retired race horse, a few cattle, and several hens, where I am the sole operator of a small farm. I relish the daily and seasonal rhythm of life on the farm, as well as caring for the animals. I have a life-long love of dogs, horses, and horse racing, and I was fortunate to find those same passions in Bill. I enjoy learning about nature, with the infinite variety of flora and fauna, and I find simple pleasures in gardening (especially flowers).

My Mom instilled a love and appreciation of music in me at a young age — even though I can’t play an instrument or sing my way out of a paper bag! My love of theatre (with a nod towards musical theatre) began in earnest in 7th grade, and our family enjoys shows in Washington, D.C., and many seasons at SSMT. I remain a devotee of the performing arts to this day.

Travel — whether locally, nationally, or internationally — enriches my life and allows me to keep learning about other people, places, history, cultures, and customs. Regardless of the location, I am always willing learn about (and try) new foods… and I also make it a point never to miss a good meal!

In addition, photography has always piqued my interest, and for years, I carted around my camera and long lens everywhere. (I suspect I was a bit annoying…) And now, with the advent of smart phones, I find myself capturing images of smaller and more spontaneous moments. (But I still might be a bit annoying…)

And so… now I hope you have a better idea of who I am — because after all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and learn more about me… the person, life-long educator, and independent Candidate… Kelley A. Pearson for School Board — Salem District.

Remember to vote on November 7th!

(Authorized by Kelley A. Pearson for School Board)


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