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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Here are several of the skills I honed during my 31 years in public education… (and ways I still interact with people today):

  • Skillful Communication: Solicits Input & Good Listener

  • Considers All Points of View

  • Attention to Detail & Thinks Critically

  • Solves Problems & Develops Win-Win Solutions

  • Collaborates, Creates Consensus & Builds Coalitions

  • Tireless Work Ethic

  • Professional, Ethical & Maintains Confidentiality

In all my years at CCHS and EVHS… no matter the task, job, or activity… there was never anything I asked of a student, teacher, staff member, or parent that I was not willing to do myself.

After all, you don’t last for 27 years as a public school administrator unless you are adaptable and can work well as part of a team!

Here are a few more quotes (by the Evaluator) from my most recent Administrative Summative Performance Report:

  • “Mrs. Pearson has worked to foster and improve not only her supervisory departments, but all departments at EVHS.”

  • “Her words of encouragement and support, for students and staff, were present each day.”

  • “Mrs. Pearson has been instrumental in making our staff feel welcome, appreciated, and valued… and she encourages teachers to make life-changing impact on students.”

  • “Mrs. Pearson has worked with all departments to coordinate partnerships with outside organizations to enhance each student’s experience.”

  • “She works/communicates with the CTE Director, Athletic Director, and directors of Drama, Band, and Choir to assure each program is the best it can be.”

  • “Mrs. Pearson is always ready to assist with new initiatives or programs for the betterment of EVHS.”

I genuinely look forward to continuing to meet more people in our Salem District and sharing my skills with the larger community — all in order to support our students in Culpeper County Public Schools.

Thank you to everyone who has already reached out with encouragement, questions, and suggestions — I appreciate your interest in my independent campaign for the Salem District seat on the CCPS School Board!

Remember to vote on November 7th!

(Authorized by Kelley A. Pearson for School Board)


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