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Is it in the field? Maybe it's in the stars? Today could be your lucky day… and mine, too!!!

The Kelley A. Pearson for School Board — Salem District — YARD SIGNS are available and ready for distribution!

And we are more than willing to personally moo-oo-ve a campaign sign to your location, at your convenience!

Maybe you would prefer a larger sign? Or perhaps you would like multiple copies of the standard yard-size sign?

In any case… all it takes is one quick phone call, email, or website message to let us know you want to “SIGN ON” and show your support for Kelley A. Pearson’s 31 years of experience and qualifications!

Call: 540-937-5328



We will be more than happy to deliver the sign(s) to you — and pick them up after the election, too!

Our highly visible Kelley A. Pearson for School Board — Salem District — campaign signs will look great in many locations: in your yard, along the roadside, on your mailbox post, on your fence, on your tree, on your shed, barn, or outbuilding, or at your intersection.

(This sounds like an infomercial!)

Regardless of this shameless advertising…

Your display of our signs helps support the message of EXPERIENCE MATTERS — and it keeps Kelley A. Pearson for School Board — Salem District — on the minds of voters.

Thank you, in advance! We genuinely appreciate your interest in the campaign of Kelley A. Pearson for School Board — Salem District.

Please contact us for a sign!

And please remember to vote on November 7th!

(Authorized by Kelley A. Pearson for School Board)


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