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Jeff Walker


Fairness, professionalism, integrity; these are 3 words that pop up when I think about my experiences working with Kelley A. Pearson for School Board - Salem District.

She has no soap-box or party-driven platform. As I see it, her agenda is to answer questions like:

  • What is best for students?

  • What do parents need to know to support their children?

  • What resources and support do educators need?

  • How do we connect our schools to the community in positive ways?

Those are my words describing what I know Kelley will strive for, as an independent candidate, and unbiased member of School Board, if she is elected.

Kelley brings a wide array of experience to the table if she is chosen to serve as a member of the Culpeper School Board -- including classroom teacher, administrator, special education support and management, supervising staff and students, and being a positive influence on a generation of individuals she has impacted.

I am proud to call her friend and former colleague, and I gladly support her campaign.


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