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Greg Hatfield

It is my absolute pleasure and honor to endorse Kelley Pearson for the Salem District representative to the Culpeper County School Board. Kelley has spent a lifetime committed to the education and well-being of the students of Culpeper County. She is a no-nonsense educator who will put the needs of our students first.

I had the pleasure to work alongside Kelley for over 15 years. She was an excellent leader who was able to provide a disciplined and structured learning environment for our students, while still showing great amounts of empathy and care. Kelley proved every day that she can create an effective and safe learning environment while still maintaining high standards and structure. She was a great communicator and was able to help navigate many families through the education process.

Kelley is an excellent choice to help guide our schools through these changing times. Kelley Pearson is not only a great friend and colleague to me, but she is a great friend to education in our community.

Greg Hatfield, Salem District Resident


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