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In my role as a school administrator, I was the most apolitical of creatures. Although since moving to Northern Virginia from Ohio in 1973, and growing up near the nation's Capital, I have always been cognizant of current events, local topics, and national matters -- especially those issues impacting students — I still sincerely believe politics do not belong in public education.

As such, for 27 years as a high school administrator in Culpeper, when friends or colleagues would ask me to publicly endorse their candidacy (or appear in their political campaign literature), I would politely decline, preferring to remain neutral. I am pleased to report that no friendships or professional working relationships ended because of my apolitical stance.

So… throughout this campaign, please be assured that any people and businesses (…or animals) pictured or mentioned in the Kelley A. Pearson for School Board — Salem District — campaign photographs, social media posts, and literature have personally granted me permission to use their NIL (name, image, and likeness)... with whatever caveat(s) they prefer.

In addition… so that no one is placed in an awkward position, I have deliberately not asked colleagues currently employed by CCPS to be part of the campaign literature. (Although several individuals have volunteered of their own accord).

And just as previous candidates respected my desire to remain neutral when I was a school administrator, I respect those same wishes of any current CCPS employees, local business owners, and community personnel.

That being said… please let me offer a big THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting me so far… whether publicly or privately — Your participation matters! Your vote is your own when you step up to the voting machine (or into the voting booth).

If I am fortunate enough to be your Salem District representative on the CCPS School Board, I will continue to be a positive advocate for education and the students of Culpeper County Public Schools.

Remember to vote on November 7th!

(Authorized by Kelley A. Pearson for School Board)


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